Reducing Costs – Downstream Valve Supply Agreement

In 2015 Score Europe established a supply agreement for stock-holding and supply of valves for downstream facilities with a leading European energy company. Using the customer’s data Score were able to identify an optimum stock-profile and then procure the valves from leading European manufacturers.

The agreement offers considerable benefits to the customer, including:

  • Ready access to high quality stock
  • Short delivery times & less downtime
  • Greater cost control
  • Reduced requirement for supply chain management

Where this philosophy can be used to procure and stock valves for more than one facility then even further efficiencies and savings stand to be made as stock can be reduced. Within such agreement Score is also able to build a valve history, analysing failures and redundancy, in order to improve the stock-holding based using informed decisions.

Score works with an extensive list of valve manufacturers and suppliers throughout the globe, we are aware of changes in capacity, designs, quality and costs within the valve industry. Score’s independence from valve manufacturers and access to valve performance data allows us to ensure that the customer receives the product which best suits their needs at any given time, avoiding the trap of repeatedly ordering products which may be of high cost, poor design or lacking in quality.