Reducing Fugitive Emissions – Downstream Outage Support

In 2016 Score Europe supported an outage at an onshore downstream facility with the specific aim of reducing fugitive emissions which had been measured pre-outage at approximately 540 tonnes per annum.

Prior to the outage Score mobilised a team of experienced Field Service Technicians to survey the plant, identify the problem valves and define the required workscope, these Technicians were also given a remit to undertake a limited range of urgent valve maintenance activities. During this workscope alone the fugitive emissions were reduced by more than 50%.

The valve workscope for the outage was thoroughly planned and before it began Score’s team of 40 Valve Technicians and Machinists were on-site with fully-equipped workshop containers and specialist equipment. During the 40 day outage over 800 valves were removed from the plant and were serviced on-site by Score or underwent non-invasive maintenance activities. Valves were then reinstated in the plant using our flange management integrity program. As a result of the activities undertaken by Score the fugitive emissions from the plant were reduced by 84% with the potential to reduce even further if access had been available to all valves.

'84% Reduction in Fugitive Emissions'

Score's temporary valve repair centre for outage

Example Issue 1 - Incorrectly Fitted Gland Flange

Example Issue 2 - No field set adjusmtent

Example Issue 3 - Mis-aligned flanges

Example Issue 4 - Flange mis-alignment